MEET Okolie Kenneth

About Me

“Let me walk with you into the fairy tale of your choice, capturing those beautiful moments, so precious that neither silver nor gold can buy. “

Hi I am Ken, the lead photographer at Okolie Kenneth Photography. I am a medical laboratory scientist by training, however my love for the arts and a desire for enterprise development kick started my photography journey.

Being a hopeless romantic (smiles), it was only natural for me to tilt towards wedding photography as it’s always a delight for me to see two gorgeous individuals happy and in love. Capturing such awesome moments especially on the couple’s big day is always a huge honor. Also, I have come to love documenting the true essence of an individual, depicting your person as accurately as possible in a series of images or in a single image thus my love for portrait photography.

My Philosophy…

The camera is but a tool, the mind and eyes of the photographer are the curators and sculptors of the final master piece.

“There is a perfect image in every scene and every frame captured is a moment that could be lost in time.”

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